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NaNo Journal #1

So I know that I could make this post on tumblr and have people actually read it--and maybe, at the end of NaNo I will, but for now I just want to write out my feelings thus far. I'm actually writing this while procrastinating on writing my wordcount for today. This is a neverending circle of regret, let me tell you.

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12 Days of Ficmas (For Real This Time)

So this is hella (hella, hella) early, but I want to make sure that I actually do these for once. Plus I'll be reminding people about this regulary into December.

Basically the first (lol) twelve (lol) people that request a fic will get one for the first twelve days of December. I've done this before with no success but THIS YEAR WILL BE DIFFERENT. I'm so determined. It's why I'm doing this almost a month ahead of time.

Anyway, fandoms that I will write for include:

  • Haikyuu!!

  • Kuroko no Basket

  • Free!

  • Shingeki no Kyojin

and so on. For a more completeish list, look here.

Anything goes (but nothing gross guys, you know the drill), but please leave me a couple of prompts so I have a choice to choose from if I get stuck. I can't promise how long these things will get, but I can promise at least 500~ words, though the average will probably be about 1000.

Anyway!! I doubt this will get 12 people yet (if at all) but I wanted this to be an option. Also anon comments are allowed so you don't need an LJ to comment!! Just follow this format for your ease/my own.

AO3/Tumblr Username:
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"it's not productive it's reproductive" aka a ficathon about whatever the fuck you want

just like it says on the tin, a ficathon about whatever you want. for any pairing and anyone who is feeling like it. will run for a week probably idek.

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 11.05.58 AM

  1. there aren't that many rules idek

  2. warn for triggers

  3. you can be an asshole to other people if you want but know that the plastics will smack you all down for being an asshole

  4. put whatever fandom that you're talking about at the beginning of the prompt thanks

yeah idk do the thing be awesome
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12 Days of Ficamsmasjasdgaksljdfg

Basically for everyone that doesn't know, 12 Days of Ficmas is where I write a 1k (at least) request from someone the first twelve days of December. The fandoms that I'll write for are as follows:

  1. Teen Wolf

  2. The White Queen

  3. Free!

  4. Kyoukai no Kanata

Anything else can probably be negotiated. Those are just the things I'd prefer to write.


I know I fucked up big time last year, but you know. Life.  Anyway, just tell me what you want below and I'll see what I can do.

day one: moriuh
day two: grand-duchessa
day three: us_overlooked
day four: loveontv
day five: lydiamaartin
day six: blevins
day seven: lunaterium
day eight: buftie
day nine:
day ten: vivacephoenix
day eleven:
day twelve:
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fic: hail the tyrant saint, the great bereaver

title: hail the tyrant saint, the great bereaver
for: iguessthati
summary: you were supposed to be beside me, always.

a/n: welp i tried. i hope you liked it. (:

Thor doesn't remember life without Loki in the peripherals. When they were young, Frigga told them, Stay close to each other. Protect one another. You are brothers, and there is nothing closer in this world than that bond.

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Fic Exchange...Thing?

So basically this can be a "you scratch my back, I scratch yours thing.

I'll write you whatever fic that you want (within reason), at least 1,500 words of it, if you make me something. Can be fanfic or fanvideo or fanart. Anything?? (I'd prefer fic though.)

I'm just really desperate and want things ok.