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Wow LJ I don't even know what your problem is, why aren't you letting me post everything that I want to post it's suuuuuuuuuuuuuuper annoying jfc. 

But in other news:
  • Prom's on February 9th and that's super close!
  • I still can't spell February without spell check
  • I might have my dorm situation figured out!
  • I turned in more applications, but no call backs yet...
  • I'm ready to get out of high school omg I'm so bored
  • I picked who I want to write for the Heroine Big Bang and I'm super excited about telling her story in my own words

Real life has been good, mostly. Nothing big has happened other than I'm reading a new book, Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld. (I love Sittenfeld's writing so it's been a mostly enjoyable ride. She writes very realistically, which is both one of the best aspects of her novels, but it's also the worst.)

Also, I've been in a bit of a writing slump. I think it's because of all the stupid crap that's been going on in the YJ fandom lately. I tried to start an awards there and that basically turned into a big hate fest. Add that to the fact that on my latest fic I wrote Dick as gay and I got a ton of shit about that too, so I've been wanting to stay away from the YJ fandom for a while??

And then last night it took me an hour to write 601 words of my Big Bang fic, the whole time I was literally pulling at my hair. I don't know what's the matter with me, but it needs to fix itself real quick

Other than that I'm mostly good though. Aaaaaaaaand there's no point for this post, but oh well!

More Ficmas fics are coming though, I promise. 
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