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DREAM A LITTLE DREAM: A Sterek Free Ficathon

SO BASICALLY we all know that Sterek is king among Teen Wolf pairings (and is what the show is known for outside the fandom etc etc) but sometimes you just have a hankering for more, you know? SO WITH THAT BEING SAID let the rare pairs commence!
(not on my computer so I'm having to borrow someone else's graphic I'm sorry)


  1. No Sterek. NOTHING WITH STILES AND DEREK BEING ROMANTICALLY INTERESTED IN EACH OTHER. Or at least, that shouldn't be the point. If you have background Sterek okay fine, but just nothing with them being the main pairing.

  2. EVERYTHING ELSE IS OKAY. Really everything. Incest, age gaps, whatever is FINE. This is for everything and anything other than Sterek.

  3. You don't have to be on anon, but it's on.

  4. Art can be a thing instead of fic, if you want.

  5. Prompt as much as you want! Write as much fic! Comment as much as you'd like! I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU DO AS LONG YOU HAVE FUN DOING IT.

  6. Well I care if you're mean to each other because that shit isn't okay so DON'T BE MEAN other than that be free~~~


Basically the same as any other ficathon ever:

Pairing + Prompt

Example: Melissa/Sheriff + getting it on when the kids are off at college

please actually do this people


Happenstance - Allison/Lydia
A Living Fire To Lighten the Darkness - Derek + Cora
Untitled - Isaac/Erica/Boyd
Untitled - Isaac/Erica
Untitled - Issac + Erica w/ background Erica/Stiles
Untitled - Lydia/Stiles
Films - Boyd/Erica + Isaac
Leaning On the Fourth Wall - Stiles/Erica
Untitled - Stiles/Erica
Untitled - Scott/Isaac
Untitled - Scott/Isaac
Untitled - Scott/Isaac
WW1DD? - Gen
Untitled - Derek + Erica
Ten Years and A Coat Closet - Sheriff/Melissa
Circumstance - Stiles/Lydia
Untitled - Allison/Scott/Isaac
Untitled - Erica + Derek
Stop Haunting Me - Stiles/Erica (fanvid)
Untitled - Erica/Derek
In My Arms Forever - Scott/Allison
Untitled - Danny/Ethan
Untitled - Danny/Ethan
Untitled - Danny/Stiles
Untitled - Stiles/Lydia
Untitled - Jackson/Danny
Don't Know What You Think You Saw - Erica/Allison/Lydia
Change Your Mind On Me - Lydia/Aiden
Untitled - Finstock/Danny
Untitled - Isaac/Scott
Untitled - Isaac/Scott
Untitled - Stiles/Erica
Untitled - Isaac/Allison
Untitled - Allison/Stiles
Untitled - Scott/Isaac
Dichotomy - Allison/Derek
Untitled - Lydia/Jackson
Le Petite Rogue - Lydia + Alpha Pack w/ background Lydia/Jackson
Best Friend's Girl - Danny + Lydia
Team Human - Lydia + Stiles + Allison
Untitled - Isaac/Cora
Untitled - Erica-centric w/ Cora + Boyd
Untitled - Erica/Boyd/Cora
Untitled - Stiles/Erica
Untitled - Jackson/Lydia
Untitled - Erica + Isaac
Untitled - Erica + Derek
Untitled - Danny/Stiles
They Usually Order Take Out - Danny/Stiles
Untitled - Isaac/Erica
Untitled - Scott/Derek
Untitled - Derek/Sheriff
Untitled - Derek/Jennifer
Untitled - Scott/Stiles
Untitled - Melissa + punching Peter in the face
Untitled - Melissa + punching Peter in the face
Untitled - Scott/Isaac
Untitled - Cora/Erica
Untitled - Allison/Scott/Isaac
Untitled - Stiles/Lydia
Untitled - Deucalion/Peter
Untitled - Derek/Jennifer
Made For Me & You - Danny/Ethan
Untitled - Scott/Derek
Untitled - Kate/Derek
Safe & Sound - Lydia/Laura
Untitled - Peter/Lydia
Untitled - Scott/Isaac
Word of Mouth - Peter/Lydia
Until My Heart Caves In - Danny/Ethan
Untitled - Scott/Isaac
Shut Up and Drive - Allison/Lydia
Untitled - Stiles/Erica
Untitled - Stiles/Erica
Runaway Love - Erica/Cora
Untitled - Isaac/The Girl
Come On - Derek/Scott
Wonderwall - Allison/Scott/Isaac
To Find Home - Allison/Scott/Isaac
What Supervet Doesn't Know - Isaac/The Girl
Red (Wo)Men - Erica/Allison
Untitled - Derek + Isaac + Erica + Boyd
Untitled - Lydia/Jackson
The Room Goes Quiet Around Us - Scott/Stiles
He Didn't Speak Moon - Scott/Stiles
Untitled - Lydia-centric w/ zombies
Breaking the Waves - Danny/Scott
Half Moon - Boyd/Stiles
Untitled - Melissa + Isaac
This Could Cause Me Harm - Allison/Lydia
Untitled - Danny/Jackson
Forget the Dutch - Isaac/Scott/Allison/Lydia
Untitled - Lydia/Aiden
Youth Has Stained Our Sheets - Derek/Cora
Untitled - Lydia/Allison
Thin Threads - Chris/Sheriff
Untitled - Lydia/Isaac
Fill - Danny/Ethan
Untitled - Stiles/Lydia
The Next Level is Real - Allison/Derek
Untitled - Erica/Misandry
Untitled- Kate/Derek
Rules For Dating My Teenage Sister - Isaac/Cora + Derek
Untitled - Stiles/Heather
When Things Go Boom in the Night - Isaac/Erica
The Barriers Within Yourself - Isaac-centric
Untitled - Allison/Derek
We Stood Tall - Allison/Derek
Untitled - Gen
Go Home Again (Maybe You Can) - Allison/Derek
Untitled - Derek/Kali

Please take all further prompts to tw_promptmeme
And please spread the word!
Tags: fandom: teen wolf, ficathon

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